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Underneath the Makeup came about after my own personal experience with hair lost and growth. My hair became severely damage due to stress and hormonal changes within the body. My edges were completely gone, and my hair started to break toward the crown. Over a short period of time my hair went from shoulder length to neck length. I tried several over the counter hair and beauty products that didn't give me the results I wanted. The paraben and sulfate was causing my hair to be dry and brittle which caused the breakage.


 All Natural Hair and Skincare


Alychia Cross

The Oil is a miracle worker. I recommend this to anyone, especially if struggling with growth and dry scalp, keeps your hair moisturized. Also it’s not a heavy product. Good Product all around.

(from 2019)

Rhamonan McGlothan

This oil really works for hair growth. I love it. I purchased it for my edges since they were in need of some love. And bam…there growing. 

(from 2019)

Talicia Ward

This Oil is a great product I started using it 3 months ago and my hair has grown extremely. I love It Great buy.  

(from 2019)