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About Us

Underneath the Makeup was created by CEO Angela Hankerson after her very own personal experience with hair lost and growth. Angela's hair became severely damage due to stress and hormonal changes within the body. Her edges were completely gone, and her hair started to break toward the crown. Over a short period of time her hair went from shoulder length to neck length. Angela tried several over the counter hair and beauty products that didn't give her the results she wanted. The paraben and sulfate was causing the hair to be dry and brittle which caused the breakage. Angela started studying herbs and natural oils as well as their many benefits while working alongside an herbalist. After great trial and error, Angela finally created her very first selection of products that would help not only her hair but skin as well. Angela wanted something all-natural, lightweight with a clean scent. Angela was able to reverse her damaged hair within a few short months using infused herbs, all-natural organic oils and essential oils. Shortly after Angela introduced her hair growth oil to family and friends to help with their healthy hair growth journey. UTM also offers an All-natural sections of body butter and scrubs made with only the finest ingredients. A new scent is introduced monthly making it the scent of the month.

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