Frequently asked questions

Oils and Butters

How often do i apply the all- natural oil ?

apply all -natural serum 2-3 times weekly . Part hair into small sections use a few drops of oil onto scalp and massage gently.

Is the hair growth oil kid-friendly ?

Although the hair growth oil is all natural, It's not recommend for children under the age of 2. Please remember that the hair growth oil contains nut Products

Can accommodations be made for prople who have allergies to nuts ?

Yes, accommodations can be made for nut allergies for an additional fee

What nut ingredients is used in your all natural hair growth oil ?

All Natural Sweet Almond Oil

What nut ingredients are used to make the body butter ?

Our whipped body butter contain all natural organic unrefined coconut oil and raw shea butter

Can you use the whipped body butter on your face ?

Although the whipped body butters are made with all natural ingrendients and raw butters they also contain essential oils. if you have senstive skin the oils may be a little harsh for your face.

Do you have any whipped body butter without any essentials oils ?

Yes, although it's not listed we can made fragrance free